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Rain and Stars
"Go at your own pace. There is never any hurry about Soul's unfoldment to God."

- Harold Klemp
Ask the Master
Book 1, p. 104

Eckankar Book Discussion Groups
Studying the ECK works in a supportive group setting provides opportunity for lively discussion as well as the room for each participant to find their own answers. For those new to Eckankar, book discussion groups serve as a great introduction to the benefits of attending Eckankar Satsang classes for members.

Retail and Online Book Stores
Most large booksellers and specialty stores carry Eckankar books and can order all available titles from their distributor. Ask for authors Harold Klemp, Paul Twitchell, or the subject "Eckankar".

Most public library systems include Eckankar books in their catalogs. If your local branch does not carry the title you are seeking, they are usually able to request an inter-library loan from another library system.

Eckankar Centers
Eckankar Centers stock most Eckankar book titles, as well as other study materials. Click here to find an Eckankar Center near you.

Order Online from Eckankar
Books can also be ordered from the Official Main Eckankar web site.

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